Typing and Databases

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When I started this journey I  really didn’t know what to expect. How long would it take? I had originally thought that after four months but I realized as the four month mark approached that while my HTML and CSS were getting there my JavaScript knowledge was very rudimentary and its the JavaScript that I really want to be good at.

I have made a few important gains. Most importantly I learnt how to type! No more two finger hunt and peck. And, after learning the basics of Node.js,  I was introduced to a new area of study… databases. So, to learn more, I completed a short 3 week introduction to MongoDB at Mongo University  (offering a collection of free courses you can take to learn all things Mongo). I did well on the course so I signed up for their Mongo/Node.js course starting next week. This looks a little more challenging than the introduction course but I’m sure I can handle it. Meanwhile after a short break I’m ready to continue where I left off with the FreeCodeCamp  ‘Basic Algorithm Scripting’. I’m also reading Algorithms 4th edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne and for interests sake Cyber Spies by Gordon Corera. I also discovered another great source for tutorials Scrimba. I find there teaching method very easy to understand.

On another note, I’ve seen a lot of posts lately from people asking how long does it take to learn a programming language. Answers have ranged from the ridiculous (3hrs) to the more reasonable (6 months).  Personally I find learning JavaScript to be very similar to learning a new spoken/written language. Sure you can be conversational in about 6 months but it will take a few years and a lot of work to be really fluent. Learning a new programming language isn’t easy but it is doable and very enjoyable when you realize you’re beginning to get it!

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