About me

Welcome, I’m Tony Ascroft.

I’m 57 years old, I live in the Greater Toronto Area.

I have a BSc from Brock University, I trained as an electro-mechanical/electronic technician with the Canadian Army for 6 years, and I’m an artist and designer with over 20 years of experience in computer animation as a Digital Artist, Department Supervisor and Project Manager.
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I began my art career in 1996 as a background artist and worked my way up through positions and projects for games, film and TV animation. My most recent position was as Senior Lighter – Look Development (February-December 2019) on an animated TV series called Kingdom Force.

Given my experience in computer animation I’ve always wanted to learn coding and to be able to create my own projects. So, I decided to learn Web Development. I already knew a fair bit of HTML and CSS, that would help, but the thing that got my interest was the coding.

I’d dabbled with Python and C++ over the years just for fun. But if I was serious, learning to code would mean going back to University for Computer Science, wouldn’t it? I just wasn’t in a position to go back to school. That’s when I started to notice all the courses on-line. Free courses. A lot of them.

The programming community has embraced the “open source” concept since the beginning but “open education” began around 2000 and seems to have really taken off. Yes, there are courses you can pay for, boot-camps you can spend money on, but I like the pay what you can policy… and that’s where my journey begins. I’m hoping I can parlay an online education into interesting projects, possibly into retirement.

If you’re thinking of being an ‘older coder’ I hope this blog about my experience helps and encourages you on your journey. Best of luck!

~ Tony, February 2018